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Precision. Punctuality. Commitment to excellence.

Concrete Works, LLC. was established by our President Valentin in 2005. Because of Valentin’s proven experience, Concrete Works began to thrive as it established its reputation of dedication and high-quality work. As CWLLC grew, it strengthened its expertise and began to take on projects that would set us apart. From the threshold of the office to our footprints on the job site, leadership and ethics are the cornerstone of our work. Our ability to solve problems, meet deadlines, and provide outstanding performance began to elevate Concrete Works to become one of the top concrete contractors in Georgia.

Concrete Works, LLC. is committed to providing its clients with high quality craftsmanship through its personnel and leadership. It is our mission to always exceed expectations on the field and leave our clients satisfied. As leaders in concrete construction, we believe in on-going investment in our teams, in the technology they use every day, and in our community.

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